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Star Trek: Legacy – What Is It About And Will It Get Made?

Since the finale of Picard Season 3 you may have come across the name Star Trek: Legacy? So what is this show about, and will it get made? Sadly we have more of answer for

Picard Season 3 Finale Sets Up Potential Spin-Off Or Sequel And I hope It Gets Made

The Picard Season 3 finale sets up a potential spin-off show, or sequel, and I for one hope it gets made. Whilst I won't go into full spoiler details about the Picard finale, there is

Star Trek: Section 31 Movie And Galaxy Quest Series Revealed For Paramount +

Both a Star Trek: Section 31 movie staring Michelle Yeoh and a Galaxy Quest series were revealed yesterday and coming to Paramount +. Here are the details as per StarTrek.com of the Section 31 movie,

What Happened To Picard Season 3? A Discussion

Let's have a discussion, what happened to Picard Season 3? Now before you start angry replying, let me preface this with one statement which I think will tell you where this discussion is going. I

Paramount+’s Star Trek: Picard S3 Reveals Teaser Art | TCA 2023

Jean-Lu Picard is on his last journey for the final season of Star Trek: Picard. At the Television Critics Association 2023, the showrunner and cast unveiled the teaser art for the last season of Picard

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Melissa Navia Interview

With Hispanic Heritage Month coming to a close, LRM Online wants to celebrate the month with one of Star Trek’s Hispanic characters Erica Ortegas, played by Melissa Navia. With season two of Star Trek: Strange

Star Trek 4 Loses Release Date After Director Exit

This likely comes as no surprise but Star Trek 4 loses its release date after director Matt Shakman exit. Shakman was originally in place to helm the Star Trek sequel, however he was courted by

JERKS! The Rings Of Power Faces Racism And Sexism | BGRtP

JERKS! The Rings Of Power Faces Racism And Sexism | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is about analyzing geekdom and the things we like: an in-depth examination of movies, television,

Star Trek – The New Series Spotlight with Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; Star Trek - The New Series Spotlight with Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing The Comic Source Podcast   Follow Jackson on Twitter Follow Collin on Twitter   Jace has an

Nichelle Nichols Star Trek Original Passes Away At 89

Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols has passed away last night, July 30th, at 89 of natural causes. The announcement was made by her son, Kyle Johnson, via her website and social media. Below is the