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Season 15 Outtakes Show A Lighter Side Of Supernatural

I still have no idea exactly what happened to the Winchester brothers. I've watched Supernatural as I aired since Season 3. Once I get back in a groove I will likely binge the episodes I

Supernatural: Fans Think The Network Censored A ‘Destiel’ Confirmation, Call For Boycott

The Spanish language dub of the latest episode of the long-running CW series, Supernatural, is causing some fans to call for a boycott. Apparently, the translation of a particular scene had Castiel professing his love for

Supernatural: Jensen Ackles Heartfelt Instagram Post On The Scripts For The Show’s Final Two Episodes

It's crunch time for the Winchesters. Even more so for the actors who have played the monster-hunting siblings for a decade and a half on Supernatural. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles' time as Sam and

Supernatural: The Wayward Sons Carry On With The Trailer For The Final Seven Episodes

Over the last 15 years, fans of the CW's Supernatural have watched Sam and Dean Winchester both die and come back, they've been to heaven, hell, and purgatory. They confirmed the Land of Oz is

Supernatural – The Final Season Resumes In October

The Winchester brothers of CW's Supernatural have been through hell. If you watch the show you know that opening sentence is in no way an exaggeration. The final season of the show has been delayed

Supernatural Final Episodes Delayed Due To Coronavirus Shutdown

I know you all have been waiting to say one final goodbye to the Winchester boys, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Originally, the finale to Supernatural was set to air on

How Will Actor Jared Padalecki’s Arrest Impact Supernatural?

The CW's Supernatural has a strong following dating back to 2005.  Fans of the show were definitely surprised by the recent arrest of Sam Winchester himself, Jared Padalecki.  Deadline reported that Padalecki was arrested over

Check Out The Poster For Supernatural’s Final Season

For the Winchester brothers, the road so far has been, well, a bumpy one to say the least. The siblings of Supernatural, along with help from some trusted friends have saved the world on more

Jensen Ackles Is Open To Return As Dean Winchester In The Future

As anyone who watches the show knows, the long-running CW series (it's been on the air so long that it originally aired on th WB Network before the name was changed to CW) will begin

Supernatural Wardrobe Pieces To Be Up For Sale

The Winchesters have carried on like wayward sons for 14 seasons now, and their journey will come to an end next year with the series' fifteenth and final season. The only relic left from the