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Why Jim Parsons Walked Away From Big Bang Theory

It's not every day that a man gets to be at the center of a nationwide phenomenon. Over the course of the past 12 years, The Big Bang Theory has gone on to be one

Cast Of The Big Bang Theory Post Emotional Goodbyes

If fans of CBS' The Big Bang Theory have learned anything over the last 12 seasons it's that they building most of the characters live in, has a terrible repair man, as the elevator has

Fans Of The Big Bang Theory Will Likely Never Know Penny’s Maiden Name

I imagine some of you are happy that the long-running CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end after 12 seasons. While the show is the bane of many nerds' existences, someone

Big Bang Theory And Young Sheldon Crossover Coming

Wow. This is happening. CBS is finding a way to even more sickeningly make more money off of the likes of Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, as was announced earlier today. Okay, that's some

Big Bang Theory Series Ending Not Yet Planned

The Big Bang Theory has had a solid 11 years of television. Its cast has had a lucrative career than millions of actors would kill for. And yet, like all things, it was destined to

Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Comments On Series Ending

Earlier this week, it was announced that the long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory would be ending after its 12th season, which is set to premiere next month. The news came after one of its

Why The Big Bang Theory Is Ending

As we reported yesterday, the long-running sitcom series The Big Bang Theory is nearing its end. With its 12th season fast-approaching, it will mark the last in a 12-year run that's brought with it a

The Big Bang Theory To End Next Year

It's happening, folks. I know some of you love it. Many of you hate it, but no matter your feelings, there is no denying that The Big Bang Theory has gone on to be one