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Gotham’s Dark Knight Vs Himself- The Top 5 Batman Movies (Live-Action) | Ranking The GenreVerse

The Top 5 Batman Movies (Live-Action) | Ranking The GenreVerse Who is the Batman? Well, it’s Bruce Wayne, but a whole crap-ton of actors have played the rich dude turned caped crusader. Why so many

The Dark Knight: Michael Jai White On Initial Plans For Gambol Character

Heath Ledger's legendary performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight was terrifying, wondrous, and beautiful. One of the more memorable scenes features the Joker's now-famous line, "Why so serious?" The scene has Joker telling

The Dark Knight – David S. Goyer Says Ledger’s Joker Not Having An Origin Was Controversial, Received ‘Push-Back’ From WB

Heath Ledger's turn as the Joker in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight is one of the best portrayals of the character and arguably one of the best performances ever. One of this version's best attributes

Joker: The Pros And Cons Of An Origin Story

  DC looks as if they may have an upcoming hit on their hands in the same tone of where they found success before; the grounded nature of the Batman universe.  The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Secret Behind Ledger’s Disappearing Pencil Trick

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan displays mastery of his craft. The man is responsible for the revival of the superhero genre. Before Bale and Ledger, the best representations we’d gotten of the characters outside of Batman: The

Live-Action Batman Films Ranked Worst To Best | LRM Ranks It

https://youtu.be/PCSmgcwuvhU Welcome to LRM Ranks It! This is the video feature where two LRM writers share their personal rankings for various properties! Be it comic book movies or Star Wars-related, you'd better believe we have opinions

Watch Tommy Wiseau And Greg Sestero In A Reenactment Of The Dark Knight Interrogation Scene

https://youtu.be/AL0cT-Yi1SU Somehow, Tommy Wiseau manages to pop up in the news every so often. Of course, he is best known for his work on the cult hit film, The Room, which is widely regarded as

The Case For (And Against) CGI | A Breaking Geek Discusion

Welcome to Breaking Geek, a column where uber-geek Nick Doll offers commentary and reactions to the most interesting news of the week (or whatever else he wants), using his expansive knowledge of all things geek!

Jonathan Nolan Originally ‘Didn’t Get’ Heath Ledger’s Joker

There was a time around 10 years ago when many fans weren't so sure about the casting decision for a little film called The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan had already made his mark on the

A Welt, A Gun And How The Dark Knight Was Almost Rated R

During the week of the ten year anniversary of Christopher Nolan's comic epic The Dark Knight, The Hollywood Reporter sat down with actor David Dastmalchian and chatted about his experience. His name may not ring