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Alicia Sanz Taking the Lead in Horror Film The Devil Below [Exclusive Interview]

Spanish actress Alicia Sanz wanted a strong female role that displays a certain physical prowess against her adversaries. Well, she found it in the horror movie The Devil Below. The creature feature movie has a

Jonathan Sadowski On His Love Being in Horror Movies for The Devil Below [Exclusive Interview]

Jonathan Sadowski is no strange to the horror genre. He burst into the horror scene with 2009’s remake Friday the 13th as Wade, a marijuana obsessed camper who fell victim to Jason. Then he followed

Bradley Parker On Returning to Horror with The Devil Below [Exclusive Interview]

Bradley Parker certainly made his mark with his directorial debut with Chernobyl Diaries back in 2012. That film showed an eerie horrific setting that no one should venture into. Nine years later, Parker is back

The Devil Below Trailer Tells Us Deep Caves Have Dangerous Creatures

[caption id="attachment_176333" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Devil Below[/caption] All too often, humans explore undiscovered territories that unknown creatures lurk. In The Devil Below, humans opened coal mines that to areas deep underground that we should never