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Alan Ng Talks About Bringing The Action Silhouettes In Expend4bles | Exclusive

In The Expendables fans the action scenes are part of the highlight. This time, for Expend4bles Alan Ng brings the action silhouettes. https://youtu.be/DhlaBO-SwVE?si=J1TdG5hy-yVJmlGK The Synopsis A new generation of stars join the world’s top action

Dolph Lundgren Talks About Directing Again In Castle Falls After 12 Years [Exclusive Interview]

Dolph Lundgren returns as a director and stars in the new action thriller Castle Falls. A film about greed and human compassion.  https://youtu.be/XetRSFqprNM The Synopsis  After decades of neglect, Castle Heights Hospital, a symbol of the

Sylvester Stallone Is Working On The Expendables 4

Who doesn't love action movies? Who doesn't love action movies with an ensemble cast of action movie stars? Who doesn't want to see multiple sequels to such action movies? Well if you don't then I