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The Flash: Will DeVoe’s Plan Be Revealed?

It's Tuesday (well, Wednesday by the time you read this, but you know what I mean) and that means another episode of The Flash.  As the season nears its end, what is in store for

The Flash: Was Earth-X Necessary?

Welcome back to another episode of The Flash. What will this week have in store for us?  Citizen Cold returns and there is an appearance from Black Siren (she sure is popular this season...).  What

The Flash: The End For…

Welcome back to another episode of The Flash.  Honestly, the last couple episodes haven't been great.  Now that we are nearing the end of the season will things pick up?  Read on to find out.

The Flash: Is This Week A Hit Or A Miss?

The Flash returns from its hiatus ready to ramp up through the end of the season.  This week looks to bring in another meta using her powers for evil as she can control gravity. On

The Flash: Iris Becomes The Flash

Welcome back!  Last week's episode was a bit different than what we have seen for most of Season 4, but was much welcomed.  What are we in for this week?  Well, Iris receives Barry's powers

Jay And Silent Bob To Guest Star On The Flash… Sort Of…

Jay and Silent Bob will be on The Flash this season! Well, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith will guest star, and their character descriptions do sound delightfully similar to cinema's greatest pair of stoners. In

The Flash: Will The Speed Force Be Sacrificed?

Now that DeVoe has switched host bodies (again...) Barry and the team may need more reinforcements.  Luckily, Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick return in order to help Team Flash with their newest issue.  Will their

The Flash And Black Lightning March 6 Episode Promos Revealed! (VIDEOS)

On Tuesday, the CW featured two new episodes of The Flash and Black Lighting. On The Flash Barry and the team track down another metahuman named Izzy Bowin, played by Miranda MacDougall, whose powers could

The Flash: Does DeVoe Have A Weakness?

After its mini hiatus, The Flash returns as DeVoe (in his/her third bodily form) tracks down the other members of the infamous bus.  This episode focuses on Subject 9 who has the ability to...control sound

Iris West’s Superhero Costume Revealed By The CW

It seems inevitable that at some point everyone on The CW's The Flash is going to get superpowers. Case and point, The CW has released our first official look at Iris West played by the