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The Grudge: John Cho and Director Nicolas Pesce Exclusive Interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9L-yWsbDg0 Japanese horror films can still give one quite a scare. It’s been fifteen years since the American version The Grudge was launched in theaters, based on Japan’s Jo-On: The Grudge and launched a pair

The Grudge Interview: Don’t Call It A Reboot — Star Tara Westwood On The Horror ‘Simulquel’

It ain’t a horror franchise until it gets rebooted at least once, right? Except, don’t call next year’s The Grudge a reboot. I had a chance to speak with one of the stars of the

Sony Proves Some Ghosts Can’t Let Go In Trailer For The Grudge

After a fifteen-year hiatus Sony releases a new trailer for The Grudge proving some properties never die. Gone are Ju-on creator Takashi Shimizu and star Sarah Michelle Gellar. In on the remake are Nicolas Pesce,

The Grudge Remake: Director Compares Film To…Se7en?

Hollywood loves their remakes. Even when there are films that haven't been around for very long. We're talking about an industry that has rebooted the Spider-Man franchise twice over the course of a handful of