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The Incredible Hulk Arrives On Disney+ As Rights Revert Back To Disney

The Incredible Hulk has arrived on Disney+ finally as the rights to the movie revert back to Marvel/Disney. As you can see below, the official Disney+ account revealed the news. The second MCU movie is

Liv Tyler Returns As Betty Ross In Captain America: New World Order

I wondered if and when this would happen, and here we are. Liv Tyler returns as Betty Ross in Captain America: New World Order according to THR. The actress was the most recent version of

Ed Norton Had A Two-Film Hulk Arc Planned Before He Left

I remember when Ed Norton was first hired to play Bruce Banner as The Incredible Hulk. Given that the movie was intended to be a more standard action blockbuster than Norton was known for at

Edward Norton Takes A Shot At Marvel

It isn't very often one hears about the "not so great" Marvel movies (let's be real, there have been a few), but the character who seemed to struggle getting off the cinematic ground was our