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Sandman Season 2 Officially Renewed at Netflix

After much wondering from fans, we now have confirmation that Sandman Season 2 has been officially renewed at Netflix. On the outside it seemed like Sandman was a success? However, Netflix has cancelled shows which

MORE Ezra Miller Troubles Put The Flash’s Future In Doubt | Daily COG

MORE Ezra Miller Troubles Put The Flash's Future In Doubt | Daily COG Another round of bad news surrounding Ezra Miller has WB Discovery doubting the future of The Flash movie. Also, Neil Gaiman is

Netflix Geeked Week Trailer Reveals The Sandman Meeting Lucifer

A trailer has dropped for Netflix's virtual fan event called, Geeked Week which will be taking place from June 6th to June 10th. While we saw some shots from some of our returning anticipated series

The Sandman – First Look At Gwendoline Christie As Lucifer | DC FanDome

It’s been over thirty years since Neil Gaiman released The Sandman at DC Comics via the Vertigo Imprint. The critically acclaimed series has been in development for years and now awaits its Netflix debut. At

Sandman Behind The Scenes

Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes follows the Lord of Dreams, Morpheus, through his journey of imprisonment, escape, then revenge. In order to regain his power Dream must track down his Pouch of Sand, Helm, and Dreamstone

Netflix Geeked Week Promo Promises Access To Upcoming Projects

Netflix Geeked Week is coming! The five-day virtual event will take place from June 7-11. You can check the promo for yourself below, but the event will feature announcements. teasers, trailers and first looks for

Netflix Announces Cast For Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Series

Today we finally got some updates for the upcoming new dark fantasy Netflix series, The Sandman. This is based on the iconic comic book series that was created for DC by Neil Gaiman. Some of

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Series Has Officially Started Filming

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is FINALLY happening! Ah, The Sandman. We’ve been tracking the adaptation of the comic for what feels like decades. Actually, it may actually be decades at this point. However, for the

Neil Gaiman Hints At Changes to Netflix’s Adaptation of Sandman

Oh Mr Sandman, bring me a Netflix Show for the 21st century! I confess that Neil Gaiman’s work, comics and novels have never really interested me that much. I have nothing against him or his

Wait, So Is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series ACTUALLY Filming This Year?

Wow, what year is it? 2020? That means it’s been roughly one million years since Hollywood started trying to adapt Neil Gaiman’s comic book opus The Sandman. Seriously, ever since it started releasing the ‘90s,