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The Walking Dead’s Twitter Post Has Some Disturbing Implications

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plag---uhh, I mean of AMC's The Walking Dead? At one time the series was one of the best on television, but over the last couple of seasons

Chandler Riggs Dad Says His Sons Status On The Walking Dead Changed Abruptly

Over the last year, fans have seen a few exits from notable cast members of AMC's The Walking Dead. Both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan had planned exits from the show, Chandler Riggs, who played

Photos From The Mid-Season Premiere Of The Walking Dead

AMC's The Walking Dead was at one time one of the more compelling shows on television. Unfortunately, the last couple seasons have been anything but that, and have almost felt like a chore to watch.

AMC Releases The First Footage Of Alpha

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoX3Tnwm9Qk AMC's The Walking Dead was at one time arguably the most compelling show on television. The last couple seasons have made that argument much harder to win. Having said that the latest season seems

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln On His Last Episode And His Time On The Series

Before Halloween night back in 2010, Andrew Lincoln was relatively unknown to the mainstream audience. Before that night, Lincoln was best known by Christmas movie lovers for playing Mark in the 2003 romantic-comedy Love Actually, spending

How The Walking Dead Films Idea Came About

****SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 9 FOLLOW BELOW**** ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. . The majority of the Walking Dead fans have known for quite some time now of Andrew Lincoln's exit from

The Walking Dead Season 9 Recap: What Comes After

After nine seasons, Rick Grimes has been through an unimaginable amount of obstacles. The man who searched for his family. The man who formed a group. The man who led a community and not only

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Assures Fans Of The Walking Dead That Season 9 Is Going To be ‘Goooood’

While the long-running show's ratings aren't quite what they have been in previous years, The Walking Dead has seen a slight improvement over the last couple of episodes. This is likely due to the fact

The Walking Dead Season Nine Recap: The Obliged

Rick Grimes has been following the written words his son left him. He's formed a union between the communities and attempted to build a bridge, figuratively and literally, between his people and the "civil" remains

The Walking Dead Season Nine Recap: The Warning Signs

At the end of the last episode, the viewing audience witnessed Justin, the Savior who had "issues" with Daryl, quickly killed as the screen went to black. At the beginning of this episode, while Rick,