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Infinite Dark #1-4 Spotlight – The Comic Source Podcast Episode #743

In this episode we discuss; Infinite Dark #1-4 Spotlight The Comic Source Podcast Episode #743 Jace and Manny break down the first four issue of top Cow's Infinite Dark. What is it all about? How

The Scary Idea Of Weaponizing Cancer In Top Cow’s Mini-Series The Clock

When I first dabbled into the world of comic books outside of "the big two" that are known as DC and Marvel one of the books that got me hooked was Matt Hawkins' Think Tank

Top Cow’s Witchblade Kicks Off A New Arc In Issue #13

I first got into covering comic books by starting a podcast with my buddy who is the host of The Comic Source Podcast. Our first podcast The Top Cow Chronology Project, took us deep into

Top Cow Productions Teams Up With Humble Bundle To Help California Wildfire Victims

With deadly wildfires affecting so many people in California, Top Cow Productions is teaming up with Humble Bundle and offering a variety of new and classic Top Cow books to help raise money for charity.

Zack Kaplan’s Eclipse Optioned For Series Development By Skybound Entertainment

Comic book writer Zack Kaplan is having himself quite the month. Earlier this month his book at AfterShock Comics, The Lost City of Explores, was picked up by Universal Television to develop a television series.

Postal #25 Wraps Up An Amazing Story By Bryan Edward Hill

It's hard to believe that the first issue of Top Cow Production Inc.'s first issue of Postal first came out in the beginning of 2015. Now we are in the beginning of 2018 with the

Dissonace #1 From Top Cow Introduces Us To A New World Of Human & Spirit Hybrids

Top Cow Productions has always had a fantastic reputation for bringing comic book readers unique titles by some amazing creative teams like Think Tank, Eclipse, and Postal. Today they are set to release a brand

Zack Kaplan’s Port Of Earth #2 Sets Up A Ticking Time Bomb

Top Cow's Port of Earth #2 by Zack Kaplan is out this week and it beings by looking back at the deal that was made with the Consortium to open a port on Earth on

Comic Talk – 9 Panel Grid Podcast: Episode 22

Join Jace and Manny as we get ready for the release of DC's Dark Nights: Metal #2 and Mister Miracle #2 by reviewing the first issues of the series. We also take some time and