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Alyvia Alyn Lind and Björgvin Arnarson On Their Love For Killer Doll in Chucky [Roundtable Interview]

The Chucky television series on USA Network and SyFy Channel is not your father’s Child’s Play. In this anticipated series, the killer serial doll returns for another mass killing, but not in a single 2-hour

Zackary Arthur and Teo Briones Talk Everything About Chucky in TV Series [Roundtable Interview]

It’s been more than three decades since the serial killing doll Chucky entered into the horror genre with Child’s Play back in 1988. The franchise, conceived by Don Mancini, spawned six sequels and a recent

Nash Bridges Returns For Two Hour Film on USA Network in November

It’s been twenty years since the buddy inspectors of Nash Bridges and Joe Dominguez appeared on the small screen with Nash Bridges television series. Now they’re reunited for a special movie event for USA Network

Chucky TV Series Final Trailer Has Killer Doll Coming Back to the Small Screen

For many decades, the lovable serial killer doll Chucky graced theaters with high body counts. He returned in the reboot with Aubrey Plaza in 1999’s Child’s Play, but without the support of several of past

Chucky Trailer Has Return of Serial Killer Doll to the Small Screen

Will the real Chucky please stand up? It was just a couple of years ago we had a Chucky film reboot with Child’s Play starring Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman. The original creator Don Mancini

Showrunner Benjamin Lobato Discusses the Past and Final Season of USA Network’s Queen of the South [Exclusive Interview]

The drug empire journey for Teresa Mendoza is approaching to an end with the fifth and final season of Queen of the South on USA Network. The showrunner Benjamin Lobato has a surprising sendoff for

Teaser Trailer For New Chucky TV Series

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw5Tg-hXf0c&feature=emb_logo With movie theaters not opening anytime soon, where are our favorite classic horror characters going to scare us? Well, one demon-possessed doll is making the move from the big screen to the small screen.

Masters Of Doom Will Explore The Creation Of The Iconic Video Game

Doom, the game that gave parents nightmares, was blamed for school shootings, and spawned a terrible movie will be getting a TV series documentary about its creation. The show will be coming to the USA

Demi Moore Joins Brave New World Series

Get ready, dystopia fans, we got a big one in the works. According to THR, USA Network is hard at work adapting Aldous Huxley's classic novel, Brave New World, for the small screen. But that's