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What If…?, Suicide Squad Box Office, Gotham City Sirens, & More! Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

  https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/what-if-suicide-squad-box-office-gotham-city-sirens-more-breaking-geek-radio-the-podcast/s-0n4BQr6W4i5 Jammer (@jamthewriter), Nick (@GeekyNICKDOLL) and Jonesy (@sirjonesiest) watch the watcher watch What If...? Episode one: What If Captain Carter Were the First Avenger? They also go deep into The Suicide Squad's Box Office,

Venom 2 – The Film Now Has An Official Title, And Has Been Pushed To 2021

Some news on the Venom sequel, part of which is the film now has an official title. Tom Hardy's second turn as everyone's favorite symbiote will be called Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Unfortunately, we're

Does This Venom 2 Set Video Show Woody Harrelson Using His Carnage Abilities?

As soon a Venom hit theaters, it was clear which direction a sequel would go. If Venom and Eddie Brock are the antihero, they needed a true villain to go up against. The next stage

Venom 2: First Look At The Psychotic Villain Cletus Kasady Fixes His Terrible Hair?

If you have Woody Harrelson in your film and you want his character to have hair, it’s basically law that the wig has to be terrible. His wig was terrible in The Hunger Games, it

Venom 2: Director Andy Serkis Gives ‘Thrilling’ Production Update On Film — But Do Fans Care?

I honestly can’t say there are very many of us who are thrilled at the prospect of Venom 2. I thought the first one was goofy, harmless, and entertaining, but I don’t hold any illusions

UPDATED! Morbius And Venom 2 To Be Set In The MCU? New Rumor And Supposedly-Leaked Images!

UPDATE: The trailer has now been released and pretty much confirms the story below, and my thoughts that the image was fake are 100% wrong. Rest of the original story below.   I had a

Tom Hardy Posts… Then Deletes… Image Celebrating First Day Of Venom 2 Production

Tom Hardy returns to theaters in 2020 in Venom 2, which began shooting today based on an Instagram image that Hardy posted, and then deleted. The image of the actor had him sitting in the

Venom 2 Gets Another Villain To Join Carnage

The end of Venom wasn’t very subtle. At the tail-end of it all, we saw Woody Harrelson sporting a wig even worse than the one in The Hunger Games — this time sporting some curly

X-Men Producer Hutch Parker Is Set To Produce Venom 2

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? In the last week, Sony has managed to confuse us, please us, and infuriate us. They confused us by announcing plans for a film centered

Venom 2: Andy Serkis Directed Sequel Set To Begin Filming This November

With all the talk recently of Spider-Man and the split between Sony and Marvel, everyone is very focussed on only one aspect of the Sony-owned Marvel IP's. However, we have known for some time that