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Details On The New Comic Book Publisher BAD IDEA And Their Bold Distribution Strategy

Yesterday we the new comic book publisher Bad Idea teased us with a big announcement that took place today. In that piece I went a little into depth regarding who the players that are behind

Geniuses Behind The Valiant Relaunch Are Ready To Shake Up The Comic Book World With Bad Idea

When I got back into comics back in 2012, I started with the basic type of books that you would think of, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman among others, but soon found myself craving something different. Luckily

Valiant Entertainment Announces New Series: The Life And Death Of Toyo Harada

The first Valiant Entertainment series I ever read was Joshua Dysart's Harbinger, since that series I have become big supporter of Valiant's great titles (granted this was all pre-DMG). From that series came my favorite