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Kevin Feige Coy On X-Men – Confirms No Star Wars Movie – Denies Discussing Returning Fallen Avengers

In an interview this week for The Marvels premiere, Marvel boss Kevin Feige was coy on X-Men questions, confirmed no Star Wars movie and denied discussing returning fallen Avengers at a recent retreat. In all

Echo Confirmed Now To Debut In January 2024 Just As Reported By Trades

A small piece of official news today as Echo is now confirmed to debut in January 2024. This is exactly what was reported recently by trade THR. To be fair,, there was never much doubt..

Rumored Voice Cast For X-Men ’97 And Release Window

Today we are sharing the rumored voice cast for X-Men '97 as well as the release window. This information is unofficial, but as you'll see below, it seems legit. As you may, or may not

The Legendary X-Men ’97 Showcase In An Exciting X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 Variant Cover!

Get ready for a thrilling treat, X-Men fans! In anticipation of the highly anticipated Disney+ series and sequel to the legendary X-Men: The Animated Series, Marvel Studios' X-Men '97, a special variant cover for July's

Leaked Quantumania Post Credit Scenes Plus Rumored Reed Favorite | Barside Buzz SPOILERS

Today we are sharing some rumors/SPOILERS from Reddit, namely what is claimed to be leaked Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania post credit scenes, the rumored Reed Richards casting favorite (Dev Patel) and a few other

Marvel Studios Animation Reveal New Lineup For Disney+ | SDCC

San Diego Comic-Con is officially underway and the amount of news coming out has been overwhelming.  Since taking a couple of years off from the convention Marvel Studios has come back with a bang.  Yesterday at the Marvel

X-Men ’97 Writer Plays Coy On Show Being MCU Canon [Multiverse of Madness SPOILERS]

In a recent interview with The Direct, X-Men '97 writer plays coy on the show being MCU canon. What is canon and what isn't is a question that’s suddenly become more tricky in the MCU.

X-Men ’97 Producers Reveal Episode Count And Release Window

X-Men '97 producers reveal episode count and release window in a recent interview. Husband and wife team Eric and Julia Lewald, two of the creators behind the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series, are back for the

X-Men 97 New Episodes In 2023 On Disney+

Disney today announced X-Men 97 new episodes coming to Disney+ in 2023. Check out the social media post below. If you only remember what this animated show was back in the day, do yourself a