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Tasting History With Max Miller [Exclusive Interview]

Have you ever wondered how the recipes of our favorite meals were created. Well YouTube star Max Miller took the opportunity to create a new channel to answer these questions.  His show Tasting History is

YouTube Will Set Default Video Quality To Standard Because Of The Coronavirus

With the coronavirus running its course around the world, workers have had to adapt to a new way of life. No longer can most businesses function in an office, and many have resorted to using

YouTube To Make Original Content Available To All Users Next Month

  While it's may be the best thing since the Internet itself, YouTube's original content hasn't exactly knocked anyone's socks off, with the one exception being, Cobra Kai the continuation of beloved 80s franchise The

YouTube Is Going To Slow Down On Original Scripted Content

Ever with the success of last year's Karate Kid revival in Cobra Kai, it looks like the greatest thing since the Internet itself, Youtube, is going to be taking a step back from scripted shows

Horror Short Review: Mikus Will Give You The CREEPS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS-s56NY14k Over on YouTube, the horror crew Midnight Video has released their latest horror short film titled Mikus. Currently sporting over 10,000 views, the film has made it to BuzzFeed's "13 Horror Shorts That'll Creep You Out

PA’s: The Web Series You Should Be Watching

The world of YouTube and digital media is filled with thousands upon thousands of hours of entertainment. Anything from a cat playing a keyboard to people performing dance challenges. Every now and then, you'll come