Tom Holland Made It Through Several Auditions For The Role of Finn In The Force Awakens

Tom Holland was almost found his big break in a galaxy far, far away instead of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor who's now famous the world over for being the definitive(in my opinion)

Sarah Booth Displays Her Strength As An Actress In Last Call [Exclusive Interview]

Sarah Booth stars in the new split screen drama, Last Call. Booth plays a character that struggles to maneuver a call that can end up in fatality. A film directed by Gavin Michael Booth.

Big Hero 6 Is Part of MCU Now?

[caption id="attachment_176953" align="alignnone" width="800"] Big Hero 6[/caption] One of Disney’s beloved animated franchises is 2014’s Big Hero 6. The film grossed over $650 million worldwide and became the highest-grossing animation at the time. Not to

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: New Official Images Are Here!

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is coming in hot, just two weeks after WandaVision ends its season. On March 19th, Cap's two sidekicks will be bickering while they save the world on a Disney+ near

Monica Rambeau’s Beef With Carol Danvers Will Be Addressed In Captain Marvel 2

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) is one of the many standout characters in WandaVision. Seeing an adult version of the adorable girl who helped Captain Marvel choose her suit colors is a real treat. It continues

Mayans M.C. Season 3 Trailer ‘One Wrong Move Could Start A War’

Mayans M.C. one of my favorite shows is revving for its debut of their third season in less than a month! The FX Sons of Anarchy spin-off has been fantastic. The focus on EZ, played

NatGeo Explorer Enric Sala Talks Ocean Emergency in Pristine Seas Doc [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_176939" align="alignnone" width="1090"] Dr. Enric Sala formed Pristine Seas to save the oceans.[/caption] Enric Sala dedicated his life to saving the planet’s oceans. The planet only has a few years left to turn things

Ezra Bridger Casting Rumor | Barside Buzz

According to a new report from our friends at KRT, we may have a name for the live-action Ezra Bridger. The Ezra Bridger casting rumor from the guys says that Mena Massoud (Aladdin) is being

WandaVision | An Honest Review Of The Halloween Spooktacular

Six episodes in of WandaVision and this show has really moved into high gear! The latest chapter finds Wanda’s sitcom world entering the 90s with a clear rife on Malcolm in the Middle... right down

Ethan Hawke On What Made Him Join Moon Knight

One of the more interesting Marvel projects is the upcoming series Moon Knight which stars Oscar Issac. The series will follow the character that is known to many fans as "Marvel's Batman." Actor Ethan Hawke,