Is The Flash Co-Director Hinting At The Time Travel Aspect Of The Movie? | C2E2 2019

Writer and director John Francis Daley has certainly come a long way since popped onto the small screen in the show Freaks and Geeks. Since then, he’s gone on to act in countless TV series, but has really made his mark as a writer and now director of such movie as Horrible Bosses and Game […]

Massive Wonder Woman 1984 Rumor Strongly Refuted

Yesterday you may have come across some news of a rumor started by scooper Grace Randolph around Wonder Woman 1984. We had previously heard that WW 84 would be delayed for a full seven months. Following this, YouTuber Grace Randolph released a video where she claimed her sources had informed her that WW 84 was […]

Flash Still Speeding To Production, Despite Rumors Of Directors Departing

I hate to point fingers, but DC is looking more and more like the Titanic. Week in and week out, leaks spring that signal this ship is sinking and maybe too fast for the merrymakers at DC to plug the holes. Just to recap the type of year DC has been having, let’s remember back […]

The Flash Movie Actress Kiersey Clemons Knows Filming Won’t Happen Until At Least Next year

What a tough gig being an actor is. In today’s day and age, many have to be really savvy about how to dodge specific questions while still hyping up their film projects. Quite famously, actor Mark Ruffalo is horrible at keeping secrets, and some of these instances where actors spill the beans can really make […]

RUMOR: The Flash To Wrap Production By May Of Next Year?

We still really have no idea what to expect from Warner Bros.’ The Flash film. For a while, it stood as a standalone film, and then at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it looked like we’d be getting a Flashpoint adaptation. Now, it sounds like they’ve gone full circle and are working on a standalone […]

The Flash Movie: Seth Grahame-Smith Gets Writer Credit, Logan Co-Writer Joins

Okay, so at this point, I have no idea what to call this movie. Is it The Flash? Is it Flashpoint? I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore. Well, no matter what it’s called, we have some news about it, so I guess it really doesn’t matter, does it? According to a […]

Flashpoint: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Doesn’t Think Flashpoint Batman Will Be In Upcoming Film Anymore

If the DC Extended Universe (now being coined as the Worlds of DC) has proven anything, it’s that things can change at any given moment. It was clear early on that director Zack Snyder had an overall vision of what this universe would be, and in the years since his time at the helm, Warner […]

Flashpoint Movie To Borrow Tone From Back To The Future

The DCEU has been in a bit of a mess recently, since the flop of Justice League, it seems hard to pin down exactly what’s coming next. One of the movies we have seemingly known of for a while was Flashpoint, the first movie to feature The Flash played by Ezra Miller in the lead […]

DC’s Flash Movie May Not Be Called Flashpoint

By this point, a lot of DC Extended Universe fans are more than a little bit gun-shy. We’ve seen plenty of projects sort of fall to the wayside with little to no warning whatsoever. One such victim in their ever-shifting schedule has been the standalone Flash film. For the longest time, it was set to […]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Love To Play Batman, Thanks For Asking

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants a shot at playing Batman. Having portrayed Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and with Flashpoint currently on DC’s slate, he might just get the chance! A bit of background, in Flashpoint, Barry Allen aka Flash messes up the whole DC timeline, resulting in Bruce Wayne being shot […]