Andrew Lincoln Won’t Say How Rick Grimes Will Leave The Show

Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead have known for a little while now that stars Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are leaving the show at some point during Season 9. One question is, how will

Rob Liefeld On The ‘Finicky’ Nature Of DC Fans (Exclusive) | SDCC 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Fandom is a funny thing. If you're a casual fan, you may ironically be more willing to let things go and to enjoy a film without a second thought, but the second you become

Emma Thompson Joins Men In Black Spin-Off In Same Role As MIB 3

After a solid decade or so of development, re-development, and change-ups, a new Men in Black film is on the way in the form of a currently untitled spin-off. Actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson

The Part Of Aquaman James Wan Pulled From The Karate Kid

This past weekend, one of the highlights of San Diego Comic-Con came in the form of the Aquaman trailer. After years of wondering just what in the hell an Aquaman film could actually feel like,

Francis Conroy In Talks For To Play Joker’s Mom In Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Film

Francis Conroy is the latest name being considered for a role in the upcoming Todd Phillips-directed, Martin Scorsese-produced Joker, a film focuses on the Batman villain. This is the latest news in what has been

Alex Rider Heads To TV

Action, Adrenaline, Adventure. Three words that promise so much.  Three words that sum up the exploits of teen superspy, Alex Rider. Rider, created by Anthony Horowitz is the main protagonist of the Alex Rider novel

Amazon Prime Video Released Trailer To All Or Nothing: Manchester City With a lot of soccer fans finally getting over their World Cup hangover, Amazon Prime Video has got a treat for you with the release of the trailer and launch date for All or

Ready Player One’s Lena Waithe Signs Deal With Showtime

Lena Waithe continues her run as a rising star in the writing world. As of Tuesday, the Emmy-winning writer (Master Of None) has just signed a first-look deal with Showtime. Waithe will be developing comedy

Jonah Hill’s Feature Directorial Debut Mid90s Perfectly Captures The ’90s Skate Culture Ah, the '90s. It was a land full of baggy clothes, skateboards, and terrible music. That was the decade where the bulk of my childhood landed, and it's one that has yet to be

Mr. Mercedes Executive Producer Jack Bender On Why They Have A Realistic Approach To Violence

Mr. Mercedes' elevator pitch is something that feels pulled right out of a modern headline. The series (along with its source material) starts off with a vehicle running down a group of people in cold