Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Luna Lauren Velez Channeling A Perfect Mother For Miles Morales [Exclusive]

We all know Peter Parker. We all know Aunt May. In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it will introduce Miles Morales (and many others) for the first time on the big screen. Unlike Peter Parker, Miles

Watch Kit Harington Run Through Auditions With A New Dragon Friend, Toothless

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL9sgRLdR_E&feature=youtu.be In one of the more adorable crossovers of popular content I have seen in quite sometime, we have Kit Harington, who most of you know as Jon Snow, auditioning with a dragon. No, not

Benicio Del Toro To Voice Swiper In Live-Action Dora The Explorer

In a world where live adaptations of animated properties are all the rave, Paramount Players along with Walden Media and Nickelodeon Movies have recently wrapped up production on the live adaptation of Dora The Explorer.

Venom: Why Ruben Fleischer Didn’t Feel Pressured To Go Fully Dark With The Film (Exclusive)

Not many people seemed to have a lot of faith in what Sony could bring to the table for a Venom film without using Spider-Man. Additionally, many thought it would be impossible to make a

Apple Buying Sony, Sonic Hate, And Director Turns Down Black Widow Movie | Los Fanboys

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/apple-buying-sony-sonic-hate-and-director-turns-down-black-widow-movie-los-fanboys In the latest edition of Los Fanboys, Jammer and Kyle cover this past week in film and TV news. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should Apple try and acquire Sony, and do you think their

The Black Tapes Podcast Getting TV Adaptation At NBC

Believe it or not, podcasts actually make for some pretty good content for film and TV adaptations. A lot of them are concept-driven, and it's usually just a matter of finding a way to get

Wait, A Sinister Six Film Could Still Happen?

Sinister Six. Holy crap, that felt weird. It's like flexing a muscle I forgot existed. You remember way back when Sony was setting up the Sinister Six in the Amazing Spider-Man universe? That certainly felt

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Gets August 2019 Release Date, First Synopsis

Are you ready to be downright terrified? Not yet? Good, because you have plenty of time ahead of you before you have to be ready, as revealed by CBS Films and Lionsgate, the studios responsible

Spider-Man: Sony Producer Amy Pascal Hopes Things Work Out With Marvel Studios

We're all a little bit concerned. While I personally have no problem with Venom being the movie it is, even if it does skew toward the mediocre side of things, it's hard not to worry

George R.R. Martin Jokingly Hints At Ice Spiders In Game of Thrones Season 8

Lots of excitement surrounding the eighth and final season of HBO's Game of Thrones. The pieces are set on the board, and the final part of the story is set to play out. Last season,