Don’t Worry You Won’t Need To See Previous Suicide Squad For Gunn’s Film

Is James Gunn's Suicide Squad a sequel or not? This is a question that has baffled fans for some time now. Back in 2016, Warner Bros. Pictures released Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer. While

OPINION: Don’t Be Surprised If Theaters Stay Shut Down For A Few More Months

In the last few days we have seen a new wave of film's theater releases being rescheduled. Some of the lastest being Warner Bros. Pictures' The Batman and SHAZAM! 2. Unfortunately, I am here as

Pierce Brosnan Says He Would Return To The 007 Franchise As A Villain

James Bond. As a kid, I had heard of the secret agent adventures of a spy code-named 007. It wasn't something I really got into back then but knew about the character from parodies done

The Willoughbys Interview: Director Kris Pearn On Crafting This Roald Dahl-Esque Animated Tale

There are plenty of movies out there about bad parents. Roald Dahl adaptations are filled with stuff like that. Matilda is one such book and film that comes to mind that really showed a neglected

Roseanne Barr Has Plans For Those Involved In Her Removal From Her Hit Series

Throughout her career, Roseanne Barr has at times, had some controversy surrounding her in one way or another. The most recent incident happened a couple of years ago when she was fired from the revival

Will The Wheel Of Time Series Face Delays If Czech Republic Borders Close?

The Wheel of Time is a series that has been a long time coming. It’s a novel series that lasted decades in print form before being wrapped up in 2013. Given how long it’s run,

Joe Russo Believes A Community Movie Will Happen — But Will It?

Oh, Community. Now there was a show that went up in flames in spectacular fashion. It went many seasons as a beloved staple of comedy television. It was both a critical and cult favorite, even

Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead On The Possibility Scott Pilgrim Sequel

A comic book that was adapted into a film that plays out like a video game. Or the long-form way of saying Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. What a fun little gem of a movie,

Killer Klowns From Outer Space | 50 B Movies To See Before You Die

This week on the B movie docket is Killer Klowns From Outer Space. B movies are the glue stuck in between all the other genres, oftentimes refusing to conform to any particular genre presets. Some but

Who Will Die In Guardians Of The Galaxy 3?

When Guardians of the Galaxy 3 comes out, someone will die. For realsy. I hope you’re ready to cry your eyes out. Those lovable scoundrels will be all up in jeopardy for their third outing.