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Saltburn Trailer Has College Student Lost in the World of a Wealthy Estate

The wealthy have riches that are enticing and alluring. For a young college in Saltburn, a visit to an enormous estate and the family drew him into a new world. The film stars Barry Keoghan

Foe Trailer Has Marriage Unravels After One Receives Proposal to Venture Into Space

Long-distance relationships may jeopardize any marriage. A robot replacement proves to be even more decisive. Based on Iain Reid’s philosophical novel, Foe stars Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal, and Aaron Pierre in this well-acted drama about

Prime Video Takes Action In Supporting The Latino Film Institute | Exclusive Interviews

Last night the founder of the Latino Film Institute, Edward James Olmos celebrated Amazon Studios support to the Latino community. They will be sponsoring 2022-2023, Youth Cinema Project (YCP) Alumni Program. The YCP is one of

Being the Ricardos Los Angeles Premiere with Nicole Kidman, Tony Hale, and More [Exclusive Interviews]

With the award season underway, Amazon Studios make its case for Being the Ricardos at a Los Angeles premiere at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures screening. Many of the cast members, crew, and Amazon

Jesse Moss on Documenting Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential Run in Mayor Pete [Exclusive Interview]

Pete Buttigieg had a remarkable journey in 2020 from a rising Democratic star as a mayor of an Indiana town to a U.S. Presidential candidate to now as the Secretary of Transportation under President Joe

Ariana Guerra on Immigrant Horror Story Madres [Exclusive Interview]

Horror movies come in many forms with ghost stories, slasher films, or even someone psychologically. The scariest stories in the horror genre are the ones based on real actual events and true stories. In Madres

Asjha Cooper and Keith David on Vampire Horror with Amazon’s Black As Night [Exclusive Interview]

It’s most fitting for veteran thespian Keith David to be a vampire master in Amazon’s Black As Night. And for Asjha Cooper, the be that young vampire hunter seeking to stop the vampire infestation. Here’s

Fabrizio Guido, Mason Beauchamp and Craig Tate on Vampire Movie Amazon’s Black as Night [Exclusive Interview]

New Orleans has such a rich long history—it has to be a haven for vampires. As part of the second season of Welcome to Blumhouse series, Black as Night serves as an urban vampire with

Sarah Adina Smith on Filming a Different Ballet Film with Amazon’s Birds of Paradise [Exclusive Interview]

With every ballet film, the story plot seems the same with competition and a large finale. With Amazon’s Birds of Paradise, director Sarah Adina Smith seeks out a different story that takes audiences in a

VOICES/VOCES: An Entertainment Celebration For Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of hispanic heritage month Amazon brings VOICES/VOCES. Several Latin voices are scheduled to discuss the richness in Latin culture.  The Synopsis Amazon Studios announced VOICES/VOCES: An Entertainment Celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month, a