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David Ramsey Set To Return To Arrowverse As Mystery Character

It would be only a matter of time before we saw David Ramsey come back to the Arrowverse (sorry I refuse to call it the CWverse). Deadline reported that David Ramsey will be coming back to direct and

Original Arrow Finale Idea Saw Oliver Queen As The Inspiration For Batman

Like many, I didn’t know what to make of Arrow when it first came out. It took the character from the comic and gave him a Batman Begins makeover. Unlike the other DC shows at

Stephen Amell Says He Is ‘Done’ With The Arrowverse

Back on October of 2012 the first season of The CW's Arrow premiered. The series that follows DC Comics' character Green Arrow was the catalyst for what is now known as the Arrowverse. This universe

Arrow: Three Reasons Why I Am Getting The Final Season On Blu-Ray

The eighth and final season of Arrow, along with the complete series, will release on Blu-Ray on April 28, and this guy will be picking it up. Don't get me wrong, this show has had its

Stephen Amell Says Goodbye To Arrow

It's the end of an era for the DC comics television universe, or Arrow-verse. Smallville may have been first for the then-WB, now-CW network, but Arrow revolutionized the superhero genre for the small screen. Lead by its brooding yet

Arrow: Watch THAT Diggle Green Lantern Scene!

It's been teased for years. Many of us speculated (and were hopeful) that there could be ties between John Diggle and John Stewart.  There had been subtle nods here and there, and I couldn't help

Ranking All 8 Seasons Of The CW’s Arrow

It's been quite the run for The CW's Arrow.  This year marks the eighth season for the show, and while many fans may have faded over the years, I feel it is the show that

Crisis On Infinite Earths: [SPOILER] Comments On [SPOILER’S] Death

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Crisis on Infinite Earths. It’s happened. Again. Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow is dead. Again. Like, for realsy this time, probably. I mean, he’s going to supposedly be back for

Arrow, Supernatural Series Finales Get Airdates

Who would have guessed when Arrow first started airing back in 2012 that it would not only last, but it would spawn an entire universe of comic book shows that would arguably be more successful

Arrow: Felicity Smoak Returning For Series Finale

Back in the day, when a prominent cast member left TV shows, chances were good that you’d never see them again. However, nowadays, even when regulars leave, chances are you’ll still be seeing them for