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Artemis Fowl Review, PlayStation 5 Talkies & JK Rowling Disappoints | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcasts

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Best Trip Ever, VOD Tests, And Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | LRMornings

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Black Widow, Eternals, A Quiet Place 2, Mulan, And More Set New Release Dates, Artemis Fowl To Land On Disney+

Release Dates! Release Dates! Fresh new dates hot off the press! There are few things scarier for film and video game fans than the words “delayed indefinitely.” Unfortunately, it’s a phrase that’s been attached to

Artemis Fowl’s First Trailer Has Hit, And Novel Fans Aren’t Too Happy

If Hollywood isn’t adapting comic books to the silver screen, they are adapting novels to the big screen. Novels have been making their way to theaters since the dawn of the medium, but it wasn’t

Disney Goes BIG For 2019: Their Complete Slate Of Films

The media giant that will one day rule the planet as Earth's overlords has released their film slate for 2019. Currently known as Disney, the company has a number of highly anticipated films with two

Artemis Fowl Teaser Trailer Is A Visual Stunner

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXlBep9uFjI Disney may have made its name revolution the world of animation, but in recent years, they've also made quite the impact with their live-action films -- and I'm not just talking about the remakes

Breaking Down Disney’s 2019 Movie Slate – Will The Company Make A Profit? (YES) | Breaking Geek

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Production Begins On Kenneth Branagh’s Artemis Fowl

Disney has officially begun production on the upcoming adaptation of the best-selling children's novels, Artemis Fowl. The Kenneth Branagh-directed feature will film in England, Northern Ireland and Ho Chi Minh City. The book was adapted

Artemis Fowl: Director Kenneth Branagh Casts Key Roles In Upcoming Adaptation

Disney’s collaboration with film director Kenneth Branagh is set to continue with the upcoming adaptation of the children’s novel series from author Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl. The studio announced earlier today that after an extensive