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Eric Andre Offers Real Pranks Against People in Netflix’s Bad Trip

[caption id="attachment_177292" align="alignnone" width="800"] Bad Trip starring Eric Andre and Lil Rey Howery[/caption] Move aside Jackass and Borat. There are new pranksters fooling everyone in town. In the narrative fictional Bad Trip, the movie tells

Superman: Red Son Review, Black Widow & More Trailers, And, Of Course… COVID-19 | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/superman-red-son-review-black-widow-and-of-course-covid-19-breaking-geek-radio-the-podcast Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is about analyzing geekdom and the things we like: an in-depth examination of movies, television, and culture. Expect reviews, a look at entertainment controversies, and other fun content! This

Eric André Brings His Trademark Prank Humor To The Big Screen In Bad Trip

Not gonna lie. When I first saw that Eric André was starring in a comedy for the big screen, I was a bit confused. Don’t get me wrong — he’s proven that he’s not above