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Dwayne Johnson Comments On Henry Cavill As Superman Attempt

Dwayne Johnson finally comments on his attempt to get Henry Cavill to return as Superman. As you know, Johnson did all he could to have Henry Cavill cameo as Superman within his Black Adam movie.

Black Adam Ends Domestic Run With A Whimper At The Box Office

Black Adam ends its domestic run with a whimper at the box office. The DCEU movie that was supposed to thrive on Dwayne Johnson's shining star really has to be considered as a flop given

Dwayne Johnson Rejected Chance to Cameo In The Flash | Barside Buzz

The latest rumor on the whole Rock/ Black Adam news is that Dwayne Johnson rejected the chance to cameo in The Flash prior to Gunn and Saffran’s decision to reboot. Of course now we know

Dwayne Johnson Indicates He’s Out As Black Adam For Now And James Gunn Responds

It's time for your daily dose of DCU controversy as Dwayne Johnson indicates he's out as Black Adam in a new statement. Then, James Gunn responds. So check it out and then we'll talk. [embed]https://twitter.com/TheRock/status/1605322145768165376?s=20&t=g4uNdhuAX6J02JH9aNHVAw[/embed]

What’s Next For The DCU After Yesterday’s Dramatic News?

What's next for the DCU after yesterday's dramatic news? What news? Well late last night (for me) some huge news broke from the DCU. James Gunn is writing a Superman movie. However it will feature

Henry Cavill Officially Announces Return As Superman

After this weekend's opening of Black Adam, Henry Cavill officially announces his return as Superman in more projects to come. Since the leaked footage was revealed we have known that Superman appears in a post-credit

Black Adam Wins Weekend Box Office, But It’s Still Sad… | D-COG

Black Adam Wins Weekend Box Office, But It's Still Sad... | D-COG The guys discuss the weekend Box Office and Black Adam's relatively paltry take. Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre! https://youtu.be/KUMEEsFAxNM (00:00)- Intro

Mohammed Amer And Sarah Shahi Talk About The Darkness In Black Adam | Exclusive

Sarah Shahi and Mohammed Amer join the superhero genre with Black Adam. https://youtu.be/X0tOpBuYasI   The Synopsis  Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the ancient gods—and imprisoned just as quickly—Black

Black Adam Review: Meh… Ford Cast In MCU, DCEU Projects Revealed | BGRtP

Black Adam Review: Meh... Ford Cast In MCU, DCEU Projects Revealed | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is about analyzing geekdom and the things we like: an in-depth examination of

Black Adam RT Score Isn’t Fresh As Critic Reviews Hit

Well, you never trust the social media reactions until the real reviews kick in. And folks, the Black Adam RT score isn't fresh as critic reviews hit over the last 24 hours. The review embargo