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Blue’s Clues & You! | Star Josh Dela Cruz On How The Series Is Celebrating The Holidays [Exclusive Interview]

As we all gear up for this holiday weekend with friends and family, networks are also gearing up to help us stay in the festive spirit. This includes shows for the little ones like Nickelodeon’s

Nickelodeon Celebrates 25 Years Of Blue’s Clues & You With A Feature Film

This year Nickelodeon is commemorating 25 years of their iconic animated series, Blue's Clues. It’s crazy to think that this preschool series launched on September 8th, 1996. To celebrate the occasion, Nickelodeon is going to

Blue’s Clues Reboot Reaction Gets Rough | Fine Toon

Why create new shows when you can just simply make a reboot of something popular in the past. Nickelodeon is banking on this trend and is gearing for the comeback from shows such as Rugrats

Blues Clues & You Has Found It’s New Host

Back in March, Nickelodeon had announced that they were going to bring back the popular animated classic Blue's Clues, but with a "refreshing signature look". The network has even committed to a 20 episode order.