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Stanley Tucci To Host Upcoming Culinary Doc Series On CNN And I Want It Aired Yesterday

Stanley Tucci is a thespian treasure. Uniquely talented, Tucci's career began back in 1985. Since then, he has built a diverse resume of roles that include multiple genres—both on film and on stage. From light-hearted

Review: CNN’s The Movies – “The Nineties”

In the second episode of CNN's The Movies, the focus lies on the evolution of film throughout the decade. It was the decade that Spielberg took home three Oscars. It was the decade where John Singleton

Review: CNN’s The Movies – “The Eighties”

  As LRM contributors, creative writers are granted the privilege to discuss their most treasured genres in pop culture. For this writer, that top tier of entertainment are motion pictures. The title of "film fanatic"

Videogame Obsession Now Classified As A Mental Health Disorder

You've waited months to play the latest shooter, RPG, MMO, or even the highly-popular DC fighting game, Injustice 2, which you perhaps discovered under the Christmas tree. Awesome, right? Since all of your friends are