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Brandon Sanderson Gives Updates On Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, And General Cosmere Adaptations

Brandon Sanderson gives us an update on all the adaptations in the works. Brandon Sanderson is an author who has yet to have his books adapted for the screen. This is in spite of the

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive 5 Will Roughly Mark The Halfway Point Of The Cosmere

Stormlight Archive 5 will mark the halfway point of the Cosmere.  This may slightly depress some readers, but we are nearing the halfway point. Many readers may have only just recently gotten introduced to Brandon

Brandon Sanderson Explains His Planned Final Cosmere Timeline

Brandon Sanderson is kind of a juggernaut beast of a writer. Not only does he tend to release two books a year, but the books he puts out are of substantial size. What’s more is