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Dark Phoenix Concept Art Shows Off Jean Grey Channeling Captain Marvel

    By this point, Dark Phoenix has come and gone, and could potentially be one of the biggest flops in a year of flops. And this isn’t something fans didn’t see coming. Enthusiasm for

Dark Phoenix Originally Intended To Be A Two Part Film

There are probably tons of reasons as to why Fox’s last X-Men outing, Dark Phoenix, didn’t set the box office aflame. Perhaps it was franchise fatigue. Perhaps it was the poor reviews. Perhaps it was the

Dark Phoenix: Fox Execs Took Away The Wrong Lessons From Apocalypse’s Failures

I don't think it's unfair to say that the X-Men franchise peaked with Days of Future Past. Yes, I know there are plenty of fans out there who have problems with it, but it was

Dark Phoenix’s Original Ending Included Skrulls?

Not too long ago, when James McAvoy made a comment about Dark Phoenix attempting to avoid another prominent film in terms of plot similarities, speculation went rampant around the web. The most obvious film many

Dark Phoenix On Track To LOSE $100M?

I try my best to be positive when it comes to upcoming projects and box office performance. In today's fanboy-laden world, it's easy to write off every successful movie at the box office simply because

Dark Phoenix Receives A Disappointing CinemaScore

I promise you we're not beating up on this movie. None of us at LRM Online want to see movies do poorly. When a movie is bad it's not entertaining, and who wants to be disappointed at

Dark Phoenix: More Trouble For The Final Fox Studios X-Men Film As It Has Lowest Opening In Franchise History

Dark Phoenix has had a rough week. Its initial rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes was a pitiful 18% (as of this writing it has climbed to 22%) and it was expected to pull in

Dark Phoenix: Actor/Stuntman Andrew Stehlin On How He Landed The Role Of Red Lotus [Exclusive Interview]

This is the end of a franchise spanning two decades and a dozen films. No, not the Avengers, but Fox’s ever troublesome X-Men, and no matter how you feel about how the franchise has been

Dark Phoenix’s Original Ending Was Apparently Similar To Civil War’s Ending

Dark Phoenix has pretty publicly gone through rounds of reshoots. While the reshoots weren't nearly as extensive as they were originally rumored to be, director Simon Kinberg and co. did need to make some extensive

Dark Phoenix Brings In $5M In Thursday Previews

The end of the X-Men franchise is here. It's been a long 19 or so years that we've gone on this journey with these characters. We've seen them at the beginning. We've seen them grow,