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Best Picture Nominee Review: Call Me By Your Name

I had heard nothing but positive buzz revolving around this film about a love story in the middle of Northern Italy in the summer of 1983. Every critic I came across had nothing but acclaim

Best Picture Nominee Review: Dunkirk

Memento. Insomnia. The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Prestige. Inception. Interstellar. In a short period of time, Christopher Nolan has quickly become one of the top directors in the film industry. Whether it be a film

Why Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Think Dunkirk Is A War Film

Dunkirk wasn't really your average war film. Yes, it had the standard conventions of war -- soldiers, explosions, gunshots, and the like -- but the way the story was told was altogether different. But what

Dunkirk Marks Christopher Nolan’s First Best Director Nomination At The Oscars

Christopher Nolan is unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most recognizable directors in the business. In the industry, and among fans, his name carries a real weight to it, and he’s one of the few filmmakers out

And The Top-Grossing ORIGINAL Film Of 2017 Is…

The undeniable trend in Hollywood has recently skewed heavily in the direction of franchises. Sure, the entertainment business has always been risk-averse — turning to big-name properties to sell tickets — but with the proliferation

Watch Christopher Nolan Break This Tense Scene From Dunkirk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y3pWmdACv4 Earlier this year saw the release of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The film was set against the backdrop of World War II, but the filmmaker was very keen on making your average war film. The

Annabelle: Creation Scares Up $35 Million At The Box Office

The summer is officially over. With The Dark Tower now out, the big blockbusters are all but done for the next few months. Here’s where we usually enter the lull of the season, interspersed with

The Dark Tower Disappoints At The Box Office, But Does It Crumble?

This weekend’s box office saw The Dark Tower and Kidnap hit theaters, and Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit expand to a wide release. The long-awaited Stephen King film, The Dark Tower, hit theaters to a myriad of

Dunkirk – Christopher Nolan Wanted To Shoot The WWII Film Without A Script

Screenplays are an incredibly important part of filmmaking. They let the actors know what to say, tell the director what happens next, and form the overall structure of the story. Even an adlibbed film will

Dunkirk Narrowly Beats Out The Emoji Movie In Its Second Weekend

This was an interesting weekend to behold. We had two films — The Emoji Movie and Atomic Blonde — have wide releases, but since one of these films was 💩 and the other was a