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Doug Liman Is Actually Working On Edge Of Tomorrow 2!

Several years back, Tom Cruise starred in a little sci-fi action film called Edge of Tomorrow. The movie was based on a Japanese light novel and it told the story of a soldier who kept

Chris McQuarrie Doesn’t Know When Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Will Happen

Edge of Tomorrow was a solid little sci-fi film with a terrible name -- a name that, some would argue -- led to a lackluster box-office performance that prevented it from being a runaway hit.

Doug Liman Gives An Update On Live Die Repeat And Repeat (Edge Of Tomorrow 2)

Edge of Tomorrow is the best “original” action film in decades – though it has never been a foreign film or television show, let alone a Hollywood franchise, it was based on a Japanese light

Emily Blunt Says Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Was Delayed For Mary Poppins, Gives Update

Edge of Tomorrow was quite the surprising film. After a lackluster marketing campaign (and a pretty lame title), many expected this to be a film more on the level of Oblivion in terms of quality.

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Could Be Doug Liman’s Next Film

A few years back, when Tom Cruise was still regaining his mojo with mainstream audiences, Edge of Tomorrow hit theaters. The marketing wasn’t all that great, and the title was sort of vague and uninspired.

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Script Is Written, Director Promises It’s Not A Cash Grab

Live Die Repeat and Repeat, the awfully-titled sequel to fantastic 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow is making slow and steady progress from director Doug Liman. After a few years of development, it sounds like the

Edge Of Tomorrow 2: Doug Liman Says Tom Cruise ‘Has A Way Better Arc In The Sequel’

In Hollywood, you always have to wonder if a sequel is ever fully necessary. After all, this is an industry that thrives on money, and if there’s any opportunity to bank on existing property, they’ll

Doug Liman On Why Edge Of Tomorrow’s Name Was Changed, Confirms Sequel’s Awful Name

A couple years back, Warner Bros. released the surprisingly strong Tom Cruise flick, Edge of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, the film had been plagued with a dull name and subpar marketing, and as such, most audience members didn’t

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Will Make The First Movie ‘Make Complete Sense,’ Writer Says

Edge of Tomorrow, which starred Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise, didn't exactly take off when it hit theaters way back in 2014. It barely broke $100 million at the domestic box office on a reported

Wonder Woman Kills At The Box Office, Will The Mummy Fail? – Los Fanboys Podcast, Episode 50

FOLLOW US ON SOUNDCLOUD!  SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES!  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! In the 50th episode of Los Fanboys, Joseph Jammer Medina, Eric Salberg, and Sophia Rose discuss this past weekend at the box office, which