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MCU Rumors Part 1 – Cillian Murphy Wanted For Doctor Doom – Marvel Confident In Deadpool 3 | Barside Buzz

There's been a lot of MCU rumors this weekend folks, in part 1 we have Cillian Murphy tipped for Doctor Doom and a confident Marvel predicts success for Deadpool 3. Plus we have a few

Anya Taylor-Joy Rumored To Be Eyed For Villain Role in Fantastic Four | Barside Buzz

The latest Marvel Barside Buzz is that Anya Taylor-Joy is reportedly being eyed for a villain role in Fantastic Four. Which villain is not stated, but I think we can be pretty sure it is

Why Captain America: Brave New World Was Delayed Plus Fantastic Four To Film January | Barside Buzz

Check out the latest Marvel Barside Buzz, why Captain America: Brave New World was delayed plus Fantastic Four to film this January. Let's start with Brave New World which was recently delayed till February 14,

Marvel Talked To Mads Mikkelsen For Doctor Doom | Barside Buzz

The latest Fantastic Four Barside Buzz is that Marvel talked to Mads Mikkelsen about the Doctor Doom role. The information comes from John Campea on his new show, but be wary. Campea is not saying

Pedro Pascal To Play Reed Richards In Fantastic Four – Javier Bardem Tipped For Galactus

According to numerous sources, Pedro Pascal will play Reed Richards in Fantastic Four. Plus, a rumor that Javier Bardem tipped for Galactus. I'll get to the bigger more reputable sources for this in a second.

Vanessa Kirby Comments On Sue Storm Fantastic Four Rumors

In a recent interview actress Vanessa Kirby comments on the Sue Storm Fantastic Four rumors around her. In case this is new information, after several candidates, the latest Barside Buzz is that Kirby is signed

MCU Rumors For Spider-Man 4, Brave New World, Fantastic Four And More | Barside Buzz

Today's latest Barside Buzz covers various MCU rumors for Spider-Man 4, Captain America: Brave New World, Fantastic Four and What If? Season 2. As always, this is all just rumor until anything official. However, as

Loki S2 Premier Hits BIG & Matt Shakman On Fantastic Four Cast | D-COG

Loki S2 Premier Hits BIG & Matt Shakman On Fantastic Four Cast | D-COG Today, Kyle discusses the big premier weekend for Loki Season 2, Matt Shakman's comments on Fantastic Four, and more. Welcome to

Fantastic Four Director Updates On Cast, Filming Dates And Hypes The Story

In a recent interview Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman gives updates on the cast, filming dates and also hypes the story being told. Shakman spoke with Collider about the upcoming first MCU based Fantastic Four

Some ‘Sketchy’ Fantastic Four Casting And Multiverse Rumors | Barside Buzz

You're here for some new sketchy Fantastic Four casting plus possible Multiverse rumors. Well the Barside Buzz has been in swing this weekend around Matt Shakman's Fantastic Four movie. However, as you know, we've had