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F9 Star Vin Diesel Believes Paul Walker Came To His Dom Shrine So He’d Cast John Cena

F9 looks crazier than Vin Diesel himself! I mean, just read the above title. Okay. Now here it is again: F9 Star Vin Diesel Believes Paul Walker Came To His Dom Shrine So He'd Cast

Check Out The New Trailer For F9: The Fast Saga

The Fast and Furious franchise has seen quite the evolution over the years, with the characters moving from being delinquent street racers to a very formidable team that can handle nearly any mission for which

Carano Fired, Whedon Flogged, F9, Falcon…Wintered (?) + Malcolm & Marie | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is about analyzing geekdom and the things we like: an in-depth examination of movies, television, and culture. Expect reviews, a look at entertainment controversies, and other fun content! This Podcast

Fast & Furious Franchise Facilitates Final Films For Finale

Universal Pictures announced today that the long running Fast & Furious franchise will come to a close with a two-part finale spread over installments 10 and 11. Justin Lin is set to return to direct

STOP Giving Films Release Dates During Covid-19! | COME @ ME, BRO!

Studios need to stop giving delayed movies exact release dates in the age of Covid-19! The concept of my column, Come @ Me, Bro, is to present a strong, unpopular opinion that I actually believe. All

Yep, F9 Will See Some Of The Fast And Furious Crew In Outer Space Scenes

Well, now they have finally done it. Most of us saw this coming, but now it's confirmed. In, F9 the Fast crew will reportedly have scenes in outer space. Series star Michelle Rodriguez recently spoke

F9: Is Ben Stiller Joining The Cast Of Fast And Furious 9?

The Fast and Furious Franchise is known for adding big blockbuster names to draw in audiences to continue to fill the seats as the films get more and more farfetched as the number on the

Super Bowl Spot For Fast And Furious 9

https://youtu.be/pPZDV1eCI0c In May we will see the arrival of the next film the Fast and Furious franchise Fast and Furious 9. To get us ready for it we were treated last week to the firs

Fast and Furious 9: The Return of Han: I’m Asian Superman

(Spoilers below for all previously released films in The Fast & Furious Saga) Ok, wow… So, it's revealed by Michelle Rodriguez's Letty that John Cena's Jakob IS Dom's [little] brother. To look at them, you

Tyrese Gibson On The Fast And Furious Crew Taking On The Avengers

The Fast and Furious franchise became far more interesting to me when the focus shifted from street racing to the adventures of a vigilante crew. I know going into a Fast film that I am