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Game Over, Man! Interview With Director Kyle Newacheck

Netflix has been dominating television programming for a while, but over the past couple years, they've been dumping a lot of their resources into the film arena, and this year, we're getting around 80 original

EXCLUSIVE: Game Over, Man! Director On How Lethal Weapon Influenced The Film

EXCLUSIVE: If you've had a chance to check out the trailers for Netflix's upcoming original comedy film, Game Over, Man! You likely already know that it was heavily inspired by the Bruce Willis classic, Die

EXCLUSIVE: Game Over, Man! Director Kyle Newacheck Talks The Inspiration For The Netflix Film

EXCLUSIVE: While some fans of Workaholics know Kyle Newacheck only as an actor who played the guys' drug dealer Karl, he is also credited as being one of the shows creator, and has many writing credits on

Game Over, Man! Trailer 2: Some Heroes Are Born, Some Are Maids

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1BKgCXW92U&feature=youtu.be Netflix has just released the second trailer for their upcoming comedy film, Game Over, Man! In the film, which comes from the creators of Workaholics, we follow three hotel workers who hope for better

Should You Be More Excited For Sony’s VenomVerse Movies?

The Podcast Shownotes In the latest edition of Los Fanboys, Joseph and David take a moment to rethink their negative thoughts regarding Sony, Venom, Silver and Black, and the entirety of their pocket universe that

Hilarious Trailer Hits For Workaholics Creators’ Netflix Film Game Over, Man!

https://youtu.be/u7ZHi_dDSnQ The creators of the comedy series Workaholics are venturing over into film territory with their new Netflix original film, Game Over, Man! Netflix has released the original trailer for the film that can pretty