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David Tennant Would Like To Play Kilgrave Again In MCU

David Tennant says he would like to play Kilgrave again in the MCU. The actor had a memorable turn as Kilgrave aka Purple Man from the comics within Jessica Jones. In fact he was so

David Tennant Comments On Possible Kilgrave Return In The MCU

In a recent appearance at Fan Expo Boston, David Tennant comments on possible Kilgrave return to the MCU. I'm sure I don't need to explain that in the Netflix Defenders Universe, Kilgrave was killed at

Defenders Shows Will Get 4K On Disney+ Eventually Confirms Disney

The Defenders shows will get 4K on Disney+ eventually confirmed Disney yesterday. March 16th, yesterday, saw all the Defender shows that were previously on Netflix move over to Disney+. However fans then noticed that the

Daredevil And Other Defenders Shows Confirmed To Be Coming To Disney+ In U.S. March 16th Uncut

As was already happening elsewhere, Daredevil and the other Defenders shows from Netflix are now confirmed to be coming to Disney+ in the U.S.. March 16th will see those former Netflix shows all appear on

No Way Home Digital And Physical Release Date Revealed Plus The Defenders On Disney+ March 16th Officially

Spider-Man: No Way Home digital and physical release date revealed! Also we have official confirmation of The Defenders on Disney+ March 16th. That's big pieces of official news today folks. We will begin with Spider-Man:

Defenders Shows Leaving Netflix March 1st – Probably Coming To Disney+/Hulu

It's official! The Defenders shows leaving Netflix on March 1st.  Both EW and Deadline say the rights are reverting back to Disney and both expect an announcement soon by Disney to say where these will

Ritter And Bernthal Irreplaceable As Jessica And Punisher? Charlie Cox Seems To Think So

Ritter and Bernthal irreplaceable as Jessica and Punisher? Charlie Cox thinks so, or at least he doesn't know any actors who could be a better job with those characters. Speaking with Forbes Cox was asked,

Ritter Keen On Jessica Jones Return If Asked

Kirsten Ritter keen on Jessica Jones return, if she get's asked that is! In a recent interview with Screen Rant the popular actress was very keen to get the chance to play Jones again. "I

Marvel To Bring Back Netflix Stars With A Catch | Barside Buzz

This won't be the first rumor saying Marvel to bring back Netflix stars from the Defenders series of shows. It's something fans have been eager to hear more about ever since those formerly canon MCU

Could Jessica Jones Come Back To The MCU? Feige Non-Committal But There Are Rumors

Could Jessica Jones come back to the MCU? Since the cancellation of Jessica Jones following Season 3 on Netflix fans have wondered whether the character could come back. Similarly fans also want to know if