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The Rings Of Power Teaser Trailer To Be Shown At Super Bowl

According to a report from THR, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power teaser trailer to be shown at Super Bowl. Since then Amazon has officially confirmed a teaser for the half-time show

The Rings Of Power Character Posters Released – Though No Faces Or Names So It’s Weird

I'm not altogether sure about this marketing strategy from Amazon, but hey ho. There are 23 The Rings of Power character posters released yesterday on Twitter. However, the posters only show people from the waist

Gil-Galad Casting For The Rings Of Power Revealed | Barside Buzz

It looks like the Gil-Galad casting for The Rings of Power revealed in the latest post from insider FoF. The source has been extremely accurate with all rumors surrounding Amazon's The Lord of the Rings:

The Rings Of Power- LOTR Show Release Date And Teaser + Episode Count And Running Time Rumors

Facts Amazon Prime has dropped a small teaser today for their LOTR show, The Rings of Power. The LOTR show release date and teaser are revealed in the social media post below. There are also

Emma Horvath’s Role Rumored For LOTR Show | Barside Buzz

Emma Horvath's role rumored for LOTR Show! The actress has long been known to be a part of the new Tolkien based show, but this is the first idea we have had of who Horvath

Pharazon Actor Revealed For LOTR Show? | Barside Buzz

Pharazon actor revealed for LOTR Show? That's the Barside Buzz from the usual only leaker of any Lord of the Rings show details FoF. The leaker says that Pharazon will be played by actor Trystan

LOTR Show Cirdan Rumors | Barside Buzz

What's the latest Barside Buzz? Well today we are sharing some LOTR show Cirdan rumors. If you know your Tolkien, I probably don't need to say who Cirdan is. If you don't, you probably won't

LOTR Show Dwarven Rumors Burrow Up From Underground | Barside Buzz

Today we share some LOTR show Dwarven rumors. Specifically some Barside Buzz from insider Fellowship of Fans, who has been the only outlet getting much LOTR show leaks so far. There's nothing I would consider

Lord Of The Rings Show Celebrimbor Rumors | Barside Buzz

The only real LOTR show leaker is at it again with some Barside Buzz. Fellowship of Fans has posted some Lord of the Rings show Celebrimbor rumors. As always, some of this content could be

Is Sauron In LOTR Show Season 1? Yes Says Latest Rumored Leak | Barside Buzz

Is Sauron in LOTR show Season 1? The latest Barside Buzz says yes! Rumored leaks from Fellowship of Fans says that Sauron does appear in the show's opening season. FoF also claims to know the