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Luca Featurette Presents The Concept of Underdogs and Friendships

Pixar’s Luca is a wondrous tale about friendships despite being different. Quite literally. In this newest tale from Pixar, the animated movie tells a fish out of water story of sea monsters befriending a young

Pixars Luca Packs Tons of Bonus Features In Its 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD Release

The Italian-themed mermaid (merman) story of Luca comes to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD from Disney and Pixar. Although released on its streaming format Disney+ earlier this summer, the studio launches its physical digital

Director Enrico Casarosa & Andrea Warren Talk The Wonders Of Disney/Pixar’s Luca [Exclusive Interview]

We have become used to Disney/Pixar using their beautiful animation and storytelling to bring life to emotions and inanimate objects that we can never look at them the same again. Today, they released their next

Jacob Tremblay And Jack Dylan Grazer The Stars Of Disney/Pixar’s Luca Talk About Their Sea Monsters [Exclusive Interview]

Disney/Pixar’s Luca has been released today exclusively on Disney+. This is a beautiful coming-of-age story about a young sea monster named Luca. Who, like a classic Disney princess we all know, wants to explore the

Jim Gaffigan On The Challenges In Parenting For Lorenzo In Disney/Pixar’s Luca [Exclusive Interview]

Luca debuts this weekend exclusively on Disney+. In this film, we find a young sea monster eager to explore the dry world up above. Little Mermaid much? For me as a parent of a ten-year-old,

Director For Disney/Pixar’s Luca On The Film’s Beautiful Italian Setting

One thing that I love about Disney is its ability to take us to distant and unexpected places. They really do follow the motto of “a whole new world”. We have visited a variety of

Meet Luca Your Bright Eyed Companion In Disney/Pixar’s Next Feature Film

If there is one studio doing things right it’s Disney’s Pixar Animation. Correct me if I am wrong but overall their features have won a whopping sixteen Academy Awards, ten Golden Globes, and eleven Grammys.

Black Widow Delayed Again, But Set To Hit Theatres And Disney+ Same Day

Black Widow has again been delayed. This, of course, has lead to the delays of multiple Disney films including those from Marvel Studios. But, never fear, we're still getting the four Marvel films promised before

Pixar’s New Film Luca Is A Coming Of Age Story On The Italian Riviera (FIRST IMAGE)

Pixar's latest film is called Luca. While Pixar has had its fair share of sequels, many of us mostly look forward to their original I.P.s. It’s those original stories like Inside Out, Coco, and Onward that