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What’s Next For The DCU After Yesterday’s Dramatic News?

What's next for the DCU after yesterday's dramatic news? What news? Well late last night (for me) some huge news broke from the DCU. James Gunn is writing a Superman movie. However it will feature

Williams Or Zimmer Superman Theme? Cavill Weighs In On Debate

Which is better and which should carry forward, the John Williams or Hanz Zimmer Superman Theme? As fans likely already know, Henry Cavill is back as Superman in the post-credit scene of Black Adam. In

Henry Cavill Officially Announces Return As Superman

After this weekend's opening of Black Adam, Henry Cavill officially announces his return as Superman in more projects to come. Since the leaked footage was revealed we have known that Superman appears in a post-credit

HUGE DC News! Man Of Steel Sequel & Hamada Out As DC Films President | D-COG

HUGE DC News! Man Of Steel Sequel & Hamada Out As DC Films President | D-COG The guys discuss DC news, including: a Man of Steel sequel and Walter Hamada being out as DC Films'

Henry Cavill Back As Superman – The Latest Rumors | Barside Buzz

Is Henry Cavill back as Superman? That seems to be the latest rumors around this long standing question. For a long time it seemed as though Cavill was out. The most recent Superman cameos in the

Henry Cavill Wanted To Flesh Out Superman’s Good Side More And He Still Does!

Henry Cavill wanted to flesh out Superman's good side more in the DCEU. Thankfully, if WB is listening, he still does! Despite me not being a huge fan of this version of Superman, I am

Henry Cavill On Whether He’ll Wear Superman’s Cape Again?

THR have an extensive interview with a certain Man of Steel/Witcher actor. The question is posed to Henry Cavill on whether he'll wear Superman's cape again? The short answer is that Cavill says ‘The cape

How J.J. Abrams Could Be Standing In The Way Of A Henry Cavill-Led Man Of Steel 2 | LRM’s Barside Buzz

Is J.J. Abrams standing the way of a Man of Steel 2? No matter how hard they try, Warner Bros. can’t seem to figure out how best to handle Superman. While I enjoy Zack Snyder’s take

What This Fan Wants From… Superman In The DCEU

When writing this column on a weekly basis, I sometimes find I am inspired by the news of the week preceding. In this case, I’ll guess there’s no way I’d be discussing Superman this week

James Gunn Confirms He Was Offered A Superman Movie With DC But Chose The Suicide Squad Instead

Back after James Gunn was temporarily fired by Disney, he had a meeting with DC about making a movie for them. Since that point, we have known that Gunn would be making The Suicide Squad