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Man Of Steel – David S. Goyer Details Alternate Ending For The Film

Man of Steel had an ending that has surely the basis of countless nerd debates. The Kryptonian superhero, who is thought to have many, boy scout-like qualities, a very wholesome character. When Supes snapped Zod's

Zack Snyder Hosting A Man Of Steel Watch Party Live With Commentary

Not to be mean or anything, but I am starting to think that Zack Snyder likes the attention he is getting. He has slowly been releasing all kinds of behind-the-scenes images and information about his

Michael Shannon Finally Gives His Opinion About Controversial Man Of Steel Ending

My good friend Jace of The Comic Source and I have had quite the debates about Zack Snyder's 2013 Man Of Steel. This film kicked off the DCEU and has lead to... well... confusion. This

Matthew Vaughn Hints At Plans For Man of Steel 2 And Then Sadly Confirms He Is No Longer Involved

When I first heard DC/WB were looking at Matthew Vaughn to develop and direct Man of Steel 2, I was excited. For me, Vaughn made the best X-Men movie in First Class, and would have

Henry Cavill Looking Bigger Than The Man Of Steel

Since 2013 actor Henry Cavill has played the iconic superhero Superman. Debuting in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and then following it up in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and then Justice League. Since

Henry Cavill’s Agent Tweets Regarding Superman News, Statement From WB Forthcoming

Early this morning, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Henry Cavill will no longer be sporting the "S" and cape for the DC Extended Universe. The reports came from a story alleging that due

Zack Snyder Says That Wasn’t Supergirl’s Pod In Man Of Steel

Now that Supergirl has been announced as a part of DC’s film slate, should the film be luckier than the other dozen films on the slate we will never see, it is time to revisit

Henry Cavill Talks How Killing Zod Would Have Affected Superman In Future Films

In a recent interview with Square Mile, actor Henry Cavill, who as most of you know plays Superman in the DC extended universe, talked about how Superman killing Zod at the end of Man of

Henry Cavill Still Wants To Be Superman

With all the talk on the town being anything and everything that is Marvel this week, rightfully so, one can't help but wonder of the future of the other comic universe that exists: the DC

DC Director Says Man Of Steel 2 Was Never Supposed To Happen

Have you ever wondered why there has yet to be a direct sequel to Man Of Steel? In just a couple of months, we will be hitting the 5-year mark since the film's release and