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Actor Teases Transformation As The Leader In Captain America: Brave New World

Actor Tim Blake Nelson teases his transformation as The Leader in Captain America: Brave New World. Blake Nelson spoke with ComicBookMovie recently and teased that he had some time in the make-up department for his

Marvel Rumors For Daredevil: Born Again – Thunderbolts – Spider-Man 4 – Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer And More

Lot's of small Marvel rumors for the likes of Daredevil: Born Again, Thunderbolts, Spider-Man 4, Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer, plus more. That's a lot to get through and all these rumors are coming from two different

Daniel Craig Approached To Play Doctor Doom In MCU | Barside Buzz [EDIT Debunked]

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Daniel Craig has been approached to play Doctor Doom in the MCU. At least that what Jeff Sneider has heard on the Buzz. As you cab see below though,

Ebon Moss-Bachrach Says Thing Will Be Motion Capture CGI in Fantastic Four Plus More

One of the newly announced Fan Four Ebon Moss-Bachrach says The Thing will be a motion capture CGI performance in Fantastic Four, plus more. Moss-Bachrach appeared this weekend on Jimmy Kimmel Live and of course

Blade Rumored To Have Big Role In Marvel Zombies – May Be Ali’s Voice | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Blade may have a big role in animated series Marvel Zombies, and it may be Ali's voice. The initial information comes from CWGST on her subscriber service. Sadly that

New Writers For Fantastic Four And Thunderbolts Plus Blade May Be Delayed – Avengers 5 Will Be Retitled

Yesterday THR released a wide ranging Marvel article including news like new writers for Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts, Blade may be delayed and Avengers 5 will be retitled. For the full article itself please check

Avengers 5 And Spider-Man 4 Directors To Be Announced Soon? | Barside Buzz

According to some recent Barside Buzz the Avengers 5 and Spider-Man 4 directors are to be announced soon. The Information comes from Daniel RPK as you can see from the social media link below. Avengers

David Tennant Would Like To Play Kilgrave Again In MCU

David Tennant says he would like to play Kilgrave again in the MCU. The actor had a memorable turn as Kilgrave aka Purple Man from the comics within Jessica Jones. In fact he was so

More Rumors On Spider-Man 4 Disagreement Between Sony And Marvel | Barside Buzz

More Barside Buzz rumors on the Spider-Man 4 disagreement between Sony and Marvel. The last week or so we have shared a few rumors that Sony and Marvel are not aligned on the vision for

Scarlet Witch Movie Will Happen Post-Avengers 5 Or Avengers: Secret Wars | Barside Buzz

According to some recent Barside Buzz a Scarlet Witch movie will happen either post-Avengers 5 or Avengers: Secret Wars. The question of whether Wanda Maximoff would return was never really in question. I mean there