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David Fincher Says Mindhunter Series Is Done, Hopes To Revisit Down The Road

Earlier in the year news came around that David Fincher's fantastic Mindhunter series on Netflix was put on hold indefinitely. Today we learn that the series is done, at least for now. The famed director

Netflix’s Mindhunter Put On Hold Indefinitely

It seems as though Netflix might be losing one of their best shows. While Mindhunter hasn't been canceled, TVLine has confirmed that the cast has been released from their contracts. In a statement to TVLine, a Netflix representative

Review: Netflix’s Mindhunter Season 2 — A True-Crime Fan’s Dark Delight

Last Friday, Netflix unveiled the highly-anticipated second season of the serial killer crime drama Mindhunter. After a 22-month absence, Netflix released a number of teasers and ads marking the show's return leading up to the

Actor Holt McCallany Says David Fincher Wants Mindhunter To Go At Least Five Seasons

With Season 2 of Netflix's Mindhunter here for your binging pleasure, some viewers are left wanting more as soon as possible, and perhaps also wondering how many more seasons the show will bestow upon fans.

How Damon Herriman Locked Down TWO Portrayals Of Charles Manson

It’s not every day that an actor can literally play the same character for two completely unrelated projects. Oftentimes, when we’ve seen this in the past, the characters were at least linked by common source

The Difference Between Charles Manson In Mindhunter And Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

It was pretty damn interesting some several months back when we learned that Australian actor Damon Herriman would be playing the character of Charles Manson in both Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Season 2 of Netflix’s Mindhunter Gets A Release Date

It was announced today that after nearly a two-year wait, the hit Netflix show, Mindhunter, will return this August for it's sophomore effort. The second season will be set two years after season one in

Mindhunter Hires Same Actor For Charles Manson As Tarantino’s Hollywood Film

I guess there are some roles some actors are born to play. In the case of Justified actor Damon Herriman, it's Charles Manson. And no, surprisingly enough, I'm not just talking about his part as

Mindhunter Renewed For Second Season

The Netflix original series, Mindhunter, has been renewed for a second season, Deadline reports. For those who are unfamiliar, the dark psychological crime series stars Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany, and follows a pair of

Why Netflix’s Mindhunter Couldn’t Be Done On Network TV, According To Actors

If you’ve somehow missed Mindhunter under the heaps of quality programming Netflix throws your way, then I suggest you have a look. The David Fincher-led series follows two FBI agents and their attempts to use