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One Piece Celebration | Netflix

After over twenty seasons of the Japanese manga series One Piece, is finally coming to the small screen. To celebrate the release of the live action adaptation, Netflix went straw hats happy and gathered over

One Piece Japanese Voice Cast Joins Netflix Live-Action Adaptation | Anime Expo 2023

We are getting closer and closer to the premiere of the live-action adaptation of "One Piece". The beloved manga and anime series will make its way to Netflix on August 31. We have seen the

One Piece Film: Red | AmaLee and Jim Foronda Interview

Uta, the world’s greatest diva, throws her first live concert on the Island of Music called Elegia in One Piece Film: Red.  However, there is more than meets the eye with the island and its

One Piece Film: Red | Sonny Strait, Ian Sinclair, and Brina Palencia Interview

One Piece is certainly one of the longest-running anime series, with over a thousand episodes and a few films here and there. In its latest film entry, One Piece Film: Red takes the Straw Hats

One Piece Film Red Review (SPOILER FREE): Die Hard Vs Noob | AVR

One Piece Film Red Review (SPOILER FREE): Die Hard Vs Noob | AVR Join Kyle (Daily COG) and Special Guest Jammer (BGR) as they review One Piece Film Red. This spoiler free discussion comes after the

Netflix’s One Piece Finds Their Live Action Shanks In Peter Gadiot

Netflix is currently busy at work filming the live-action adaptation of the beloved manga and anime, One Piece. While the a good part of the cast had been announced we now know yet another character

One Piece | A Fun Conversation With The Voice of Monkey D. Luffy Colleen Clinkenbeard Ahead Of Episode 1000 [Exclusive Interview]

Today is the big day for Toei Animation’s One Piece as it debuts episode 1000. The journey that started in October of 1999 has reached an impressive milestone. Since then Monkey D. Luffy’s journey has

One Piece | Mike McFarland And Eric Vale On Making It To 1000 Episodes [Exclusive Interview]

If you are a fan of the anime One Piece, it's a very well-known fact that this Saturday, November 20th, is a historic evening as the ever-popular animated series will hit episode 1000. It’s produced

Live-Action One Piece Gets Creator’s Seal Of Approval And Black Widow Is Pushed Back | LRMornings

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Live-Action One Piece: The Writers Want To Do One Of These Three Things Every Episode

What key elements do the writers of the live-action One Piece want to accomplish? There are a lot of moving parts to One Piece. You can’t have a story span nearly 1,000 chapters (and counting)