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Disney Buy Stake in Epic Games And Announce New Collaboration

One of yesterdays more interesting developments saw an announcement that saw Disney buy a stake in Epic Games and announce a new collaboration. Yesterday saw a Disney earnings call and a new slate for theatrical

Pixar Bringing Soul, Turning Red, And Luca To Theaters Nationwide For The First Time

In an exciting cinematic treat, Disney and Pixar are set to bring three of their beloved films “Soul,” “Turning Red,” and “Luca” to the big screen nationwide for the very first time in 2024. The

Bob Iger Says Disney Needs To Entertain And Not Message Audiences – Too Many Sequels

Disney CEO Bob Iger says they need to remember to entertain people and not message at them, plus they've made too many sequels. The comments come again from Iger's recent appearance at The New York

Pixar And Disney Unveil Record-Breaking Inside Out 2 Trailer, Introducing New Emotion

In a groundbreaking reveal on Thursday, Disney and Pixar treated fans to the first glimpse of the much-anticipated Inside Out 2, setting off a wave of excitement across the entertainment sphere. The unveiling of the

Disney’s Magical Legacy: 100 Animated Films Unveiled In Spectacular Collection

The Walt Disney Company is set to transport fans on a magical journey through its rich cinematic history with the release of the highly anticipated Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection. This collection features a whopping

Carl’s Date: The “Bow On The Story” For Pixar’s Up

About 14 years ago, Pixar shook audiences with the opening of the latest animated feature, "Up". In that opening sequence, we meet Carl and Ellie, and quickly watching them live out their lives was enough

Director Peter Sohn’s Personal Experiences That Helped Shape Elemental

This week Disney and Pixar released the first full-length trailer of their next upcoming feature film, "Elemental". This will take audiences on a journey to Element City where fire, water, earth, and air residents all

Meet Ember and Wade In The New Disney/Pixar Trailer And Posters For Elemental

Disney Pixar has released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming animated feature, "Elemental". This film takes Pixar back to the "what if" films that moviegoers had grown accustomed to like "Inside Out", "Wall-E", and so

‘Opposites React’ In New Teaser And Poster For Pixar’s Elemental

Next summer we'll see the next project from Disney/Pixar titled, Elemental. Pixar films bring all the feels as the animators and writers find different ways to reach every one of our emotions. This week Disney/Pixar

Rosalie Chiang of Pixar’s Turning Red Interview | CRX 2022

For a young actress, Rosalie Chiang, the opportunity to voice the main protagonist Meilin in Pixar’s Turning Red was an opportunity of a lifetime. It was like the Chinese gods created a destined fate for