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Could Silver And Black Become A Disney+ Series?

Could Silver and Black become a Disney+ series? It seems highly unlikely given the characters are not owned by Disney. However, who knows? Read on for more details. I'll be honest and admit right now,

Sony’s Amy Pascal Says The Studio Still Has Plans For Black Cat

We probably all can remember that for a time Sony were pushing ahead with a movie reportedly titled Silver and Black and this movie would have seen Silver Sable and Black Cat in a team

Sony’s Silver & Black Movie Likely Getting Scrapped

Despite giving Disney and Marvel Studios access to Spider-Man, Sony Pictures is still intent on using the numerous characters at their disposal to make whatever money they can. Case-in-point: Venom -- an altogether pointless film

Sony’s Silver & Black Delayed Indefinitely

Just like Universal’s Dark Universe, is Sony’s VenomVerse/SpiderVerse falling apart already? Venom was announced first, and is in post-production with an October release date. Silver & Black, a film about sometimes Spider-Man allies Black Cat

Silver & Black Writers Still Ironing Out The Script

Back when it first announced the idea of a Venom film some time ago, Sony Pictures seemed to get a bit overzealous on the idea of milking some of their Spider-Man-related IP. Very soon after

Silver & Black Delayed Indefinitely, Director Addresses Delays

It looks like Sony may have started announcing things a bit prematurely with their VenomVerse films. While their first movie, Venom, appears to be on track to hit its October release date, Silver & Black

Captain Marvel & Chaos Walking Screenwriters To Tackle Marvel Flick Silver & Black

Okay, Sony. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. When it was first announced that Sony would be making a Venom film, it annoyed me to no end. On the heels of

Should You Be More Excited For Sony’s VenomVerse Movies?

The Podcast Shownotes In the latest edition of Los Fanboys, Joseph and David take a moment to rethink their negative thoughts regarding Sony, Venom, Silver and Black, and the entirety of their pocket universe that