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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Rumored To Be Delayed Till 2024 | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Buzz, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is rumored to be delayed until 2024. No official date was ever set for Skeleton Crew on Disney+. However, the show was showcased as being set

Skeleton Crew Stars Kids But Is Not A Kids Show Says Writer And Star

We know that Skeleton Crew stars a cast of kids, however it is NOT a kids show says writer Chris Ford and star Jude Law. The pair recently appeared on EW's Dagobah Dispatch Podcast. To

Jon Favreau Talks Tonal Differences In Star Wars Ahead Of Skeleton Crew

The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau talks tonal differences in Star Wars ahead of the upcoming Skeleton Crew. Skeleton Crew will star a group of kids, lost with only 1 adult protector (Jude Law) to look

Another Skeleton Crew Director Revealed In Jake Schreier | Barside Buzz

We may have another Skeleton Crew director revealed in Jake Schreier. That's the latest Barside Buzz about the upcoming Star Wars series. The information comes from One Take News. They were the first to revealed

David Lowery Will Direct Star Wars: Skeleton Crew | Barside Buzz

The latest Barside Buzz is that David Lowery will direct at least one episode of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew for Lucasfilm. The news comes from One Take News and friend of the site BSL. BSL

The MandoVerse Can Have A Climax AND Keep Going Says Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni says the 'MandoVerse' can have a big climax AND keep going afterwards. This all comes from the fact that fellow exec producer of the 'MandoVerse', Jon Favreau recently said he'd like to keep

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Villain Rumored To Be Davy Broccoli | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew villain is rumored to be Davy Broccoli. Now, you may well be wondering who the hell Davy Broccoli is? Let me explain before we get

Ahsoka May Be Getting A Season 2 But Not Skeleton Crew

Some recent details from a Disney Q1 earnings report indicate Ahsoka may be getting a Season 2, but not Skeleton Crew! Ahsoka on the Q1 report is listed as a scripted series and called Ahsoka

Skeleton Crew Came From Down Time In Spider-Man Says Jon Favreau

What is there to do in between takes on movies? Dream up other movies and TV shows of course, duh! At least that's what Jon Favreau and Jon Watts did during down time for Spider-Man.

Skeleton Crew Characters Will Not Debut In Mando Plus Movie Talk From Jon Favreau

Executive producer Jon Favreau says that Skeleton Crew characters will not debut first in Mando, Favreau also offers some movie talk in connection with the MandoVerse he is overseeing. Variety caught up with the actor/director/writer/producer