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JJ Abrams Almost Said No To Directing Star Wars: Episode IX

Back when Star Wars: Episode 8 -  The Last Jedi was new and controversial it was already planned for Colin Trevorrow to pick up the next chapter and direct Star Wars: Episode 9. However, as

Star Wars Episode IX Scene Descriptions

While us peasants are likely months away from seeing footage from the still untitiled Episode IX, there are some lucky folks out there that get treated to early viewings. Self-proclaimed Disneyphile Scott Ladewig was one

STAR WARS: J.J. Abrams Discusses The Last Jedi, Wrapping Episode IX, and Lando

Star Wars Episode IX is coming this December. There is no denying a lot rides on the inevitable trailer, which I think will hit in April, thanks to the divisiveness of The Last Jedi. There are