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Spirit Halloween: The Movie Review | Family-Fun Film With A Goosebumps Special Feel

When I first saw the announcement of Spirit Halloween: The Movie, I wasn't sure what to think. Would it be more of a cheesy commercial? Or would it be one of those bottom-tier horror films?

Spirit Halloween: The Movie Trailer | Your Favorite Spooky Season Store Is Back This Year With A Movie

It's August! For some people is the start of spooky season! If you ask me, it's always spooky season. One of the signs of the coming of Halloween is the rise of Spirit Halloween stores

Rookie Season | LRM EXCLUSIVE CLIP Ahead Of TVOD/Digital Release

Back in February LRM Online brought you an exclusive interview with the filmmaker, Adrian Bonvento. He had made a documentary titled, Rookie Season which was ready to race into theaters. The film follows Rebel Rock

I, Challenger | Tina Majorino On Seeing A Person’s Potential [Exclusive Interview]

I, Challenger from Strike Back Studios is now available on all TVOD/Digital Platforms. This stoner buddy comedy is one that audiences can enjoy whether you like to smoke (or however you ingest it). What makes

Filmmaker Josh Tessier and Actor William Kat On The Action-Thriller Overrun [Exclusive Interview]

I’ll throw a couple of names out there for you. Sam Hargrave, Chad Stahelski, and David Leitch. These are all directors that have a background in stunts. After taking hits for years, now they are

Jordan Roberts Talks About His Comedy 3…2…1… Frankie Go Boom! Starring Charlie Hunnam [Exclusive Interview]

One of my favorite things about being able to conversate with filmmakers about where they get their inspirations for their films. Sometimes I get very personal answers that help me appreciate the film more. This