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Huge Surprise Cameo From The Flash Revealed Early – Find Out Who [SPOILERS]

A huge surprise cameo that appears within The Flash has been revealed early by director Andy Muschietti. As you’d guess, this article could be considered SPOILERS for The Flash which releases on June 16th. No

Kevin Smith Reveals Superman Lives Pitch Letter He Received From WB

Once upon a time, Kevin Smith was set to script. A Tim Burton-directed film by the name of Superman Lives. And who would it be to don the tights and cape? None other than Hollywood

Who Kevin Smith Wanted As Lex Luthor In The Ill-Fated Superman Lives Film

There are more dead Hollywood films out there than you could possibly imagine. No joke, for every one movie that gets made there are countless more that never get past the script stage. For one

Superman Lives: More Suit Footage Revealed

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diFCC535U1k The legend of Superman Lives has become one of great legends of cinema. After all, Batman director Tim Burton was on board to helm the project, and had he gone through with it it

Nicolas Cage Calls Unmade Superman Movie ‘More Powerful’ Than Any Other Superman Film

It’s hard to believe now, but superhero films had a very difficult road to success. Up until 2008, most comic book movies tended to be pretty horrible experiences (with the Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman films